These are a set of training designed to provide the participants with the knowledge required as per FSSAI recommended Capacity Building programmes for Food Safety Regulators.

Course Objectives

The courses are designed by FSSAI to ensure uniformity of learning for all state and central food safety regulatory staff including – Food Safety Officers, Designated Officers and Adjudicating officers.

The courses are aimed to transfer knowledge from amongst the below:

  • FSS Act, 2006 and other legal aspects
  • Evolution of Food Safety and other related topics
  • Regulatory Sampling
  • FSMS and other topics
  • FSS Regulations
  • Adjudication procedures

Indicative Programs

  • Induction Training - Food Safety Officers

    Duration: 14 Days

  • Induction Training - Designated Officers

    Duration: 5 Days

  • Refresher Training - Food Safety Officers

    Duration: 3-7 Days

  • Refresher Training - Designated Officers

    Duration: 3-7 Days

  • Special/need based training

    Duration: 1-3 Days

  • Training of Adjudicating Officers

    Duration: 1-3 Days

Course Duration, Target Audience & Intake

  • Intake

    25-40 participants per batch
  • Target Audience

    State and Central Food Regulatory staff – Food Safety Officers, Designated Officers, Adjudicating Officers
  • Course Duration

    Course durations be as specified by the relevant authority