Hands-on-Training (HoT) facility – Instrumentation

HOT Facility

ITC-FSAN will focus on developing, delivering and enabling training on food safety and nutritional analysis requirements. The centre is equipped with following state-of-the-art Mass Spectrophotometry and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography system.

UPLC/ MS/ MS System

Safety Parameters : Pesticides, Plant growth regulators, Antibiotics, Veterinary drug residues, mycotoxins, illegal dyes, poly aromatic hydrocarbons, acrylamides, melamine, cynuric acid and other organic contaminants of plant and animal origins.
90% of the contaminant analysis can be done using UPLC – MS/ MS

Nutrition Parameters : Water and Fat-soluble vitamins.


Organo-chlorine and synthetic pyrethroid pesticide

UPLC with florescence, PDA and QDa (Mass Spectrometer)

Safety Parameters : Aflatoxins/ mycotoxins, histamine analyses in fish, presence of antibiotics like ethoxyquine in fish meal.